Storm Safety Systems in Houston, TX

Storm Safety Systems in Houston, TX

Be prepared. Even under the worst conditions.

Storms can cause phone lines to go down, affecting the system’s ability to transmit a signal. ADT has the ability to keep you connected so your family can feel safe, secure and protected — even during severe weather. Please contact America’s Digital Security to learn more.

  • Temperature Sensing - Monitor the temperature of your home and be alerted if temperatures get dangerously low during a winter storm to prevent bursting pipes.
  • Flood Detection - Flood detectors help protect a home against potential damage due to a water leak or broken pipe.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection - Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur with improper placement of a generator during a power outage.
  • Cellular Backup - Use our Safewatch® CellGuard® cellular connection as a backup to help ensure continued monitoring service if your home phone lines go down due to a storm. 
  • Power Backup - Keep the security system working with an extra high-capacity battery in case of power outage. 
  • Fire Protection - Fire and smoke monitoring helps ensure a home is protected from fire-related hazards that can occur during and after a storm.

How it works

When the alarm is triggered, every second counts. With six fully redundant Customer Monitoring Centers, you can count on us to deliver a fast alert to you and emergency response teams.

  • Step 1. 24/7 Monitoring - Strategically located across the country, our monitoring centers use powerful technological equipment to provide you with fast response protection 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

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  • Step 2. Alarm Triggered - No matter the time of day, at the first sign of trouble simply press the button on either your waterproof wristband or pendant. A monitoring professional will be there to speak with you over the 2-way voice intercom.
  • Step 3. ADT Fast Response - A caring professional will confirm whether you are OK or in need of assistance. If there is an emergency, our professional will contact the appropriate responder (police, fire department, or emergency personnel) to dispatch assistance to your home immediately.
  • Step 4. Call from an ADT representative - A caring professional will contact you immediately.
  • Step 5. Taking Action - When an alarm is valid, an ADT professional will contact the police, fire department, or emergency personnel to dispatch assistance to your home immediately.


  • Fire and Smoke - Sophisticated smoke and heat detector that enables ADT to notify the fire department whether you are home or not.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector - Detects levels of carbon monoxide gas within the home and sounds an alarm while alerting an ADT Customer Monitoring Center to the threat.
  • Cellular Connection - Helps keep home security system connected to ADT when traditional landline phone service is not available.

Why people choose us

When you want to do everything you can to safeguard your loved ones, your home and your treasured possessions, you owe it to yourself and your family to talk to us about our continuous 24/7 protection.

  • The Most Experience - The largest security provider, with Customer Monitoring Centers located nationwide.
  • Innovative Technology - Our Customer Monitoring Centers are backed by powerful equipment using secure communications links.
  • The Best People - We staff the most experienced, caring and well-trained team of security professionals.