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Honeywell Touch Screen System

ADT Alarm Touch Controller is a dynamic, lifestyle-enhancing system that protects your home and family and lets you control your home security system, thermostats, lighting, locks and more—all from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen. You can custom-design a system with options that work for your lifestyle and budget. Touch Controller is the “brain” of your wireless Home Security System. It receives signals from all of your devices and, in the event of an alarm, sends a Cellular signal to the Command Center.

Keychain Remote Access

ADT 5800 family of wireless remotes give you personalized control of your security system, the added convenience of controlling lights, appliances and garage doors and the security of knowing that emergency help will arrive with the touch of a single button.
From the basic 5804-2 two-button remote to the advanced 5804BDV bi-directional device that actually speaks system status in plain-English, the 5800 family of wireless remotes is easy-to-use personal protection that your customers can take anywhere they go. The wireless remotes make ADT systems much easier to operate and provide an extra level of convenience, comfort and peace of mind your customers will really appreciate. Our wide array of wireless remotes provide dealers with the flexibility they need for any wireless application.

Infrared Interior Motion Detector

Greater protection brings greater peace of mind. The infrared interior motion detector adds another level of protection to your home alarm system. It can also be programmed to let your pet roam freely inside without triggering the alarm.
Protect yourself and your furry little friends at the same time with the ADT Wireless Pet Immune Motion Sensor. It's compact, sophisticated and compatible with most ADT alarm systems. Being a wireless motion detector, installation time is low and getting the sensor running is simple.

Three Points of Protection

Easily expandable system provides more areas of protection. Audible sound alerts you when protected doors are open.These sensors are small, wireless devices that detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets or drawers. Each sensor is actually two pieces, joined wirelessly. When the door opens, it disrupts the wireless connection and the sensor triggers an alert to the Touch Controller.

High-Decibel Alarm Siren

The siren on your ADT monitored home security system is loud enough to help scare intruders away and help notify you of an emergency.The siren protection sensor is a focused security solution designed to protect specific, tangible assets. Usually these assets are things that people consider valuable, have a high probability of theft or should not be tampered with. ADT Protection Sensor continues to provide protection even when the panel is disarmed-letting dealers protect against burglary and theft at the same time

Battery Backup

No need to worry about being left unprotected when the power goes out. The battery backup system helps provide protection in the event of a power outage.

ADT Security Yard Sign & Window Decals

Your alarm system comes with a yard sign and window decals to let potential intruders know that your home or apartment is protected by ADT Security Services.